Get Samurai name FOR $199

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Thank you for your waiting! I start the SEVEN SAMURAI CHAMPAIGN to reach more people who really wants to be Samurai. You can get your own Samurai name based on the wishes you provide for only $199! Over 50% OFF.


Coupon item: Letter style Certificate

Coupon code: 7samurai

*Limited to the first 7
*The other items are unavailable for this coupon



| Letter style Certificate


Content: Your samurai family name, pseudonym and true name with background explanation
Creation time: approximately 4 weeks
Weight (kg): 0.5
Dimensions (cm): D7.9 W23.7 H2.4, Syojō 書状 D35 W66
Price: $399 + shipping cost





To the new Samurai became by this coupon code, I need your help. Please record the process to open the certificate and share the movie on your SNS account, if possible. I would be happy to connect more Samurai lovers thorough your share. 

Thank you for your reading. I am waiting to meet you soon.




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