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Samurai Name Certificate makes you Samurai. According to the information you provide, it’s made specifically for you and offers your own personal background story on your Samurai name.

Samurai names are significant in Japan. Japanese must think you are Samurai based on your name alone. With this certificate, you can make your own official Samurai items and outfits.

Samurai names are quite different from directly translated versions of your name, the phonetical katakana version based on sounds into Japanese kanji characters. This document impresses even the Japanese with its detail and traditional backbone.


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The Samurai Name Certificate includes Myōji; the family name, Kemyō; pseudonym and Imina; the real name.





1. Complete Checkout


    1. Please fill out your information in the Checkout form
    2. Add the certificate you want to your cart
    3. View your cart and check your product or products
    4. Click “Proceed to Checkout”.
    5. Fill out all the information on the Checkout Form, especially noting keywords to reflect your own unique Samurai name: favorite words, motto, hobby, order of your birth in your brothers or sisters, a person you respect, activities you often join, etc. The more you write, the richer the story your Samurai name will reflect.
    6. “Proceed to Paypal” and finish your order.




| Find a suitable kanji character for each detail


2. Find a suitable kanji 


I will search for a suitable kanji character for each detail you provide from an extensive Japanese kanji-character dictionary and Yamato-kotoba treatises.

e.g. Tom Cruise (Thomas Cruise Mapother IV)

Thomas: 双, 槍, 角, 築
Cruise: 舟, 船, 帆, 風, 波
Mapother IV:樫, 曲, 四郎
New York: 新, 椚, 原
Actor: 舞, 興,芸 ,役
Ride a car and bicycle: 乗, 鞍, 馬, 車
Volunteer activities: 義, 又, 助, 介, 佐, 輔, 経, 力, 安, 照, 光



There are several ways to express one English word in kanji characters. Each kanji has a delicate nuance when combined. It is essential for the characters to flow together naturally and with meaning.

For instance, the word “help” is shown at least in five different ways in kanji characters, each with its own meaning:

又 expresses “right hand”;
助 means “accumulate power”;
介 expresses “a man in armor”;
佐 means “ to help each other”;
輔 means “to save or rescue”



| Search samurai names


3. Seek Samurai names


I search names that use or include the same kanji as yours from over 1000 Samurai names in my database. If I cannot find a model name, I will search place names that use or include the same kanji as yours instead.
In traditional lines, Samurai family names (名字 myōji) were mainly derived from the name of a place. (see “Samurai gained power, Myōji arose” in “Samurai and their names” for more information)


e.g. Tom Cruise

又 + 四郎 = 又四郎 Kemyō of Kobayakawa Takakage 小早川 隆景
義 + 照 = 義照  Imina of Kawada Yoshiteru 川田 義照
馬 + 乗 = 馬乗  The place name in Aichi Prefecture




I bestow the names and issue the Samurai Name Certificate. In this Certificate, you can see your Samurai name in Japanese kanji characters, the reading and the meaning of each kanji, and the explanation of the bestowed name.






4. I’m a Samurai!


Congratulations!! You have received the Samurai Name Certificate. You are now an official Samurai. You can now use this name to promote your Samurai self for anything, including outfits and items either at online shops or speciality stores in Japan. (Make Saumrai items and outfits)