if Tom Cruise had his own Japanese name


What if Tom Cruise got a real Samurai name. The name must be as follows.


Myōji 名字, family name

n                    馬   

reading         ma, nori
meaning : horse, ride

You take a stoic stance  by appearing in a movie without being replaced by a stuntman, so you work very hard,  training to perform stunts on a motorcycle and on a car. These are expressed by a kanji 乗, meaning “ride”, 馬, meaning “horse” and 車 meaning “car”. Among Samurai society, it was one of the essential skills to ride a horse. So the combination of 馬 and 乗, 馬乗, is bestowed upon you as your family name.

馬乗 exists in Aichi prefecture (愛知県蒲郡市西迫町馬乗) and is called Ma-nori. In the ancient Japanese or Yamato-kotoba, Ma means “pure” and Nori means ”ask the spirit with saint words”. Therefore, your family name Manori (馬乗) signifies “A horse rider to sincerely ask the spirit with saint words”.



Imina 諱, true name
nnnnnnn       義      照
reading :  yoshi, teru
meaning : justice, shine

You actively join volunteer activities to support developmental disorders. Your actions shine the disadvantaged and give them a hope to live. The action to improve the society like you is expressed by a kanji 義, meaning “justice”, which is the traditional kanji character of Ashikaga Shoguns, the top of samurai from the 14th century to the 16th century. 義 can be called Yoshi, the same sound of 吉 (lucky), 善 (right) and 良 (good). Teru (照) means “shine”, originally “enlighten by fire”. Therefore, your real name Yoshiteru (義照) signifies “The Justice shines and enlightens the society”.



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