Samurai name meaning: Shibata Katsuie

    Shibata Katsuie 柴田 勝家 was one of the famous samurai in the Sengoku period, a main general in Oda Nobunaga’s retainer. He fought with Uesugi Kenshin 上杉 謙信 as commander in chief of the Hokuriku region. His brave deed was well-known and sometimes called Oni-Shibata 鬼柴田, meaning “Devil Shibata”. Another samurai like Toyotomi Hideyoshi added one of the name character to his family name in order to share the good luck of Katsuie. History tells almost nothing about his childhood. He appeared as a distinguished senior vassal of Oda family from the time of Oda Nobuhide 織田 信秀, the father of Oda Nobunaga 織田 信長. Samurai traditionally have … Continued

Samurai name meaning: Gotō Matabei

  Gotō Mototsugu 後藤 基次, also known as Gotō Matabei 後藤 又兵衛, was a famous brave samurai of the late Sengoku periods. He served Kuroda Kanbei 黒田 官兵衛 and Kuroda Nagamasa 黒田 長政 first and then Toyotomi Hideyori 豊臣 秀頼. He was killed at the battle of Dōmyōji during the siege of Osaka in 1615. During the siege of Osaka, Mototsugu was one of the most able and fierce generals just like Sanada Yukimura 真田 幸村 in Toyotomi Hideyori’s Western Army. He was the chief commander at the battle of Dōmyōji where, severely outnumbered by Date Masamune troops, he held out for reinforcements, which were lost in the fog. Unable … Continued

Samurai name meaning: Katō Kiyomasa

    Katō Kiyomasa 加藤 清正 was one of the strong Samurai well-known to be good at handling spears and building castles. He was a very tall man (around 190cm) in those days when the height of ordinary men was around 160cm. He was reared by Toyotomi Hideyoshi 豊臣 秀吉, and he became such a distinguished Daimyo from a pageboy that even Tokugawa Ieyasu 徳川 家康 acknowledged his prowess. Samurai traditionally have several names. (learn more) They change their name to fit different situations and life stages. This was normal within the Samurai rank. The transition of his names are as follows. 夜叉丸→加藤 虎之助 清正→加藤 主計頭 平 朝臣 清正→加藤 肥後守 … Continued

Samurai name meaning: Saika Magoichi

    Saika Magoichi 雑賀 孫一 or Suzuki Magoichi 鈴木 孫一 was a mysterious Samurai leader of gun mercenaries in Sengoku period who fought with Oda Nobunaga 織田 信長 in the Ishiyama Hongan-ji War, supported Toyotomi Hideyoshi 豊臣 秀吉 as a firearms adviser and served Tokugawa-Mito domain in Edo period(1603-1868). Magoichi was not an individual name but the traditional name which the successive heads of the Saika-Suzuki family 雑賀党鈴木氏 adopted. The main leaders who named Saika Magoichi or Suzuki Magoichi are as following 4 men.   鈴木 孫一 重意鈴木 孫一 重兼鈴木 孫一 重秀鈴木 孫一 重朝           1.  鈴木 孫一 重意     Saika-Suzuki family is one of … Continued