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Scroll style Certificate



Scroll style document (Kakejiku) is one of the many traditional ways to exhibit this style of calligraphy. Displaying your art in this way, will allow for the public appreciation and appraisal due the aesthetics of your individual scrolls. Even today, Japanese display the name of their baby at birth in this style as a formal way to express the significance of the name.

*The Scroll Certificate is delivered approximately over 8 weeks later after I received your order


Product properties:
A box of paulownia wood (Kiribako 桐箱) approximately D10 W90 H10
the Samurai name certificate in scrolls style (Kakejiku 掛け軸) approximately D120 W82 cm
A4 size English Name Certificate

Content: Samurai family name, pseudonym and true name with background explanation
Creation time: approximately over eight weeks
Weight (kg): 1.0
Dimensions (cm): D10 W90 H10


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Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 15 × 50 × 18 cm


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