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Your letter style document (Shojō) was a standard communication tool within Samurai society and was historically used when bestowing samurai names upon another. (learn more) For example, the Daimyōs (powerful feudal lords during the Sengoku period) were in the practice of bestowing a kanji from their name to vassals as a reward to others distinctly worthy of such an honor.


*I deliver the Letter style Certificate approximately four weeks later after I received your order


Product properties:
A box of Paulownia Wood (Kiribako 桐箱) D7.9 W23.7 H2.4 cm
A Japanese Close-woven Samurai Ribbon (Sanadahimo 真田紐) L104 cm
A Wrapped Paper of a Letter (Fūshi 封紙) D35 W24 cm
The Samurai Name Certificate in Letter Style (Syojō 書状) D35 W66 cm
A4 size English Name Certificate

Content: Samurai family name, pseudonym and true name with background explanation
Creation time: approximately 4 weeks
Weight (kg): 0.5
Dimensions (cm): D7.9 W23.7 H2.4


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Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 13 × 29 × 6 cm


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